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Got Junk? Bulky Waste Pick Up and Special Collections

Bulky Items

Have bulk trash items around the house like appliances, mattresses, old furniture or other large sized waste? 

Our customers often don’t have a truck – or the time - to get rid of bulky waste resulting from your spring clean up or home renovations.  If you’ve got junk, leave the bulk waste pickup and disposal/recycling to Emterra!

Check for Bulk Junk Collection Services Near You.

We provide on-call garbage pick up services for large and bulky items placed at the curb including furniture (tables, chairs, mattresses) and appliances (from fridges and stoves to washers and dryers). Garden and patio stuff to dispose of – we’ll take care of that too.  

For really big jobs generating more junk than the curb can handle, rent a dumpster! Get a waste bin delivered to your door and pile in the junk. We’ll deliver and pickup your loaded dumpster for less cost than you’d think. 

We’re the Green Choice!

No matter what your bulk waste needs, we go beyond mere junk pickup and disposal. More importantly - whenever possible - we’ll make sure your trash gets recycled. Most junk removal companies don’t operate their own material recovery facilities (MRFs). We do with nearly 20 across Canada. This is where we sort and process the trash we collect with a goal towards achieving “Zero Waste” – our ultimate goal is diverting all waste from landfills. 

We’re in your community!

Emterra believes in supporting the communities where we live and work in a positive manner. Through our work, we service approximately 10% of Canada’s population and through our Community Care TM programs, we do a lot more. Check out how we’re getting involved where you live. Learn more