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Divisions and Services

Divisions and Services

Through our three divisions – Emterra EnvironmentalEmterra Tire RecyclingCanadian Liquids Processors Ltd.  – the Emterra Group of companies offer municipal, and industrial, commercial and institutional customers a full range of collection, disposal, recycling, and resource recovery and marketing services, including: 

  • Single-stream recycling, two-stream and multi-material paper and packaging recycling, processing and marketing.
  • Source separated, multi-stream, two-stream  recycling collection, processing and marketing.
  • Multi-material paper and packaging recycling collection, processing and marketing.
  • Organics and yard waste collection.
  • Used and scrap tire collection recycling.
  • Secure and confidential liquid collection and product destruction, disposal and recycling. 

We go beyond waste collection, processing and disposal.  Our waste management services can bring to your municipality, business or organization the ability to plan, implement and grow a Zero Waste program. Zero Waste goals are fundamentally important in organizations that are striving to achieve environmental sustainability.