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EPR in Action

Product Stewardship to Divert Waste, Increase Recyclable

Since we are one of the largest waste management companies collecting, processing and marketing printed packaging and paper products in Canada, we are well placed to assist with EPR program growth and development as programs continue to develop.

Used Beverage Containers in British Columbia and Our Relationship with Encorp Pacific 

Emterra Environmental works with Encorp Pacific throughout BC handling the majority of used beverage containers returned under the Encorp stewardship program, including aluminum cans, plastic, Tetra-Pak, milk and juice cartons, and drink pouches.

Our key responsibilities include the secure receiving, processing, hauling, and marketing of returned beverage containers.

Blue +2 - Plastics Collection Pilot, Langley, BC

The test project, Blue+2, is a partnership among Emterra, the City of Langley, the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) and others in the plastics industry to learn how to expand the list of plastic products and packaging that potentially could be collected in BC's recycling program in the future. 

The purpose was to assess the effectiveness of collecting plastic bags and overwrap, and foam containers and other cushion packaging through a curbside collection model. The goal was to gain a full understanding of the feasibility and associated costs of including these two product types in residential curbside collection programs in anticipation of a full EPR roll out for printed paper and packaging in May 2014. The results of this three-month pilot (February to April, 2012) were shared in order to assist Multi Material British Columbia (MMBC) in developing programs to expand recycling programs for packaging materials.

Emterra believes we are ready and well-positioned to act as a service provider to MMBC to help them achieve their mandate of recovering over 75% of the residential printed paper and packaging produced and regulated in BC.    

Product Stewardship in Ontario

Since 2004, residential recycling programs in Ontario have been jointly funded by industry stewards and municipalities under the requirements of the Waste Diversion Act. Emterra Environmental had been providing curbside collection, processing and marketing services for printed paper and packaging recyclables in Ontario for several decades and through this historical experience, has gained insight into Ontario's stewardship goals and operational cost-saving opportunities. Although the transition from 50% product stewardship to 100% EPR has been delayed, it is predicted that it will become law within the foreseeable future.

Used Tires in Ontario

Used and scrap tires in Ontario are governed by a 100% EPR program. Tire stewards pay fees to Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS).


Since 2006, Emterra Tire Recycling located in Brampton, Ontario, has been collecting and processing used and discarded tires from generators such as tire dealers and garages across Ontario. The company has been a registered collector, hauler and processor with the Ontario Tire Stewardship program since its launch in September, 2009. Emterra Tire Recycling is one of only three companies in the province to provide a completely integrated tire collection and processing service. The company handles a wide range of tire types, including passenger car, light truck, medium truck, agricultural and industrial tires turning them into three basic components – steel, fibre and crumb rubber.


Our recycling facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba processes and markets printed paper and packaging material sourced from the City of Winnipeg and surrounding areas.  These recovery programs are primarily funded by the stewardship organization, Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM).