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Tire Disposal and Collection Services

Tire collection for recycling simply makes sense. Ontario residents can dispose of their used rubber tires free of charge at any Ontario Tire Stewardship (OTS) registered collection location. OTS reports that over 33 million tires have been recycled in Ontario since it started in 2009, achieving an average diversion rate of 96 per cent. 

Collecting used and scrap tires has an important positive impact on the environment. Not only is Emterra Tire Recycling helping to keep these on and off-road tires from being disposed of in landfill, littered on our landscape or burned, we also are contributing to closing the recycling loop. Many fantastic new products such as patio tiles and engine parts are produced from the rubber mulch/crumb rubber that comes from our rubber tire shredding process. In this sense, we are a leading Ontario supplier of crumb rubber.

Emterra Tire Recycling (formerly called Canadian Eco Rubber Ltd.) is located in Brampton, Ontario and accepts both used and scrap tires. Used tires have some life left in them and are often reused before reaching the end of their useful lives. Scrap tires go straight to recycling. Whether used or scrap, the tires that come to our facility are never stockpiled or landfilled.


Our Commitment to Innovative Tire Recycling

Our environmentally-responsible, innovative, proprietary technology shreds tires to separate the steel, fibre and rubber components. We recover 96% of each scrap tire collected and no emissions are produced during the recycling process. 


Emterra Tire Recycling Rolls Out 25 Millionth Tire in Ontario

In August 2011, Emterra proudly recycled the 25 millionth tire under the OTS program. Pictured at the top of the page, OTS Executive Director, Andrew Horsman (left) and plant General Manager, John Cassell (right), joined Emterra CEO, Emmie Leung and Ontario’s Minister of the Environment, John Wilkinson (centre) to celebrate the occasion. 


How do we recycle tires?

Through our ambient shredding and grinding processes, the whole tire is separated into three core components:

  • Fibre (polyester or nylon)
  • Steel
  • Crumb Rubber

These materials can then be used in the manufacture of new products - including new tires!

For every 22 pound scrap tire Emterra recycles, we recover:

  • 12 pounds of high quality rubber
  • 6 pounds of steel
  • 4 pounds of fibre

Now that's Zero Waste!



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