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Sustainable Waste Management Practices at Emterra

A Message From Emterra

Sustainability is a big word that is being used more often these days as a way to describe the activities an organization undertakes to reduce its impact on the world’s resources.  It is widely accepted that global societies are consuming natural resources at an ever-increasing rate as if they’ll go on forever but, of course, the earth’s resources are finite. When they’re gone, they’re gone. 

That’s why, as a society, we can no longer discard resources that have been made into consumer products and packaging by burying them in landfill or by burning them.

These secondary resources such as crude oil, trees and minerals not only hold intrinsic value in their original raw state but they also have been invested with the added value of the energy, water and chemicals used to process them into products. They make a further contribution when they are recycled into new products or packaging by requiring less energy to reuse the resources than is required to extract and process new raw materials.

One of Emterra’s business values is to “constantly question how we can develop more sustainable end markets for recovered materials.”  We do this by regularly casting a wide net to see if we can locate new, viable markets for hard-to-market recyclable materials. The result of this process is that we are able to divert more and often difference materials from landfill which saves our customers money and contributes to a shrinking carbon footprint.

Each one of us can do more to reduce our own carbon footprint. We can strive as individuals and families to achieve Zero Waste in our homes and at our places of business.