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Transforming waste to resources

Thinking innovatively

Transforming waste to resources

More than Garbage Collection and Disposal Management

When you see Emterra trucks collecting recyclables or picking up garbage from businesses or residents, you might think you’re looking simply at another waste management company. But you would be wrong.

Emterra Environmental is a resource management company:

  • At all stages of our collection, processing and marketing procedures, we seek to transform the recyclable materials we collect from waste to resources in a way that minimizes the environmental impact of our operations. 
  • Meeting and developing waste management best practices. In an article published in Solid Waste and Recycling magazine (October/November 2011) called “Single Stream Recycling – Best Practices improve quality output, reduce residue and costs”, our efforts to innovate and to establish best practices in single stream recycling were clearly described.
  • In separating out secondary resource materials from waste, our priority is to produce quality recycle commodities for end market producers. The products we generate from diverted waste provide our buyers with a reliable supply of these recovered source materials.
  • We work even harder to find viable, responsible markets for low value diverted recyclable and otherwise waste materials.
  • Always driving toward our Zero Waste goal for our municipal and commercial customers. Our objective is to provide feedstock for any manufacturing company with an innovative idea for the use of that recoverable materials. This means we are able to keep more waste in the recovery loop and out of the landfill.
  •  We tirelessly work with our customers - businesses, organizations or municipalities – to transform them from a generator of “garbage and waste” to a proud example of a successful Zero Waste company or community.

With 12 Blue Box Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) across Canada (in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario), Emterra Environmental is well-suited to provide recyclables collection, processing and marketing services, as well as yard waste, household organics, and solid waste collection and disposal services to municipalities and businesses.

Our Commitment

Emterra will always strive to offer the most effective range of customized services to meet your needs and reduce your environmental impact. Whether you are a municipality looking to achieve waste diversion targets to reduce landfill use or a business in the industrial, commercial or institutional sector looking to improve your sustainability and reduce your waste management costs, we can develop the solution for you. 

Ask us how we can customize your Zero Waste program.

Buyer Reviews

“We have been receiving plastic containers from the Emterra Burlington location for the past 5 years and have experienced a very professional relationship in all of our dealings with the staff and the management of this facility.  The quality of the recyclables from this location is one of the best on the HDPE bottle and Mixed Rigid Containers we receive." – Carl Yates, General Manager, Entropex, ON

"American Chung Nam Inc. has been purchasing recovered paper from Halton Recycling dba Emterra Environmental (Emterra) for over ten years. During that time, we have formed a solid business relationship that is based on their dependability and their ability to provide us with a steady supply of high-grade product." – Peter Wong, CEO, American Chung Nam (largest paper mill in China with over eight million tonnes of production capacity)