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What Happens to Your Recyclables?

Waste Recycling and Creating New Products from Recyclables

Once you decide to recycle something, you are giving it a second chance at life.

Do you see waste or opportunity here?

It can be hard to imagine this pile of ‘stuff’ is actually full of valuable materials that will be raw materials and commodities for new products tomorrow. But at Emterra, the foundation of our work is to create value from waste. That’s why we are dedicated to drawing as much resource from the waste we process as we possibly can.

We do this at our facilities across the country. The products we create include things like crumb rubber , ethanol , and other “blue box” recycled commodities . Because we are committed to producing top quality materials, our products are in demand – not landfilled. (Each year, we market close to 500,000 tonnes of "blue box" recyclable commodities alone!)

Emterra is always finding innovative solutions to be better collectors, processors and marketers of recycled commodities so that we can turn more hard-to-recycle materials into valuable commodities and resources. This means less is landfilled as we move closer to Zero Waste.